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Electric Maestro - "Out Of Nowhere" 

New single on all of your favorite digital platforms today!

I was in the middle of working on another track when I pulled up the new SRX Electric Piano plug-in from Roland Cloud. I had just added it to my collection that day and wanted to hear how it compared to my other rhodes plug-ins.I was playing along with the track and just going through the patches. When I reached the patch your hear in this track, inspiration interrupted. I suddenly pressed stop and out of nowhere I started playing the keyboard line…

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The New Home For My DJ Mixes 

Once upon a time, if you wanted to hear one of my DJ Mixes you could go to Mixcrate. Mixcrate was a site where hundreds of DJ’s posted their mixes and fans listened, liked, left comments and shared the mixes with friends. If you listen to The Afterglow you will hear me point you to mixcrate in every single episode. I had over 50 mixes posted there – including all of the DJ Mixes from The Afterglow. Unfortunately, a few years ago Mixcrate abruptly shut down. They posted a brief explanation on their site…

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Goals & Patterns 

Happy New Year to all of you! Like many of you, I am beginning the year by assessing what I accomplished – or failed to accomplish – in 2019 and setting goals for the year. I don’t really like the whole “new year’s resolution” thing. Most of the time “new year’s resolutions” are not well thought out. Often, they are just emotional responses that just amount to wishful thinking. They are mostly just statements of what we wish we were.

Goals, on the other hand, identify what we are actively working on –…

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Waynebo's Christmas Jamz 

If you’re looking to set the holiday mood with some wonderful Christmas tunes, I’ve got you.  My Christmas playlist is available on Spotify and YouTube.

Featuring Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, House, Pop & R&B from some artists you know well – and some you don’t know at all. There are some true modern classics here that you will find yourself coming back to every year.


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NEW FUNK! "In My Natural Habitat" 

When I first began creating my own music as a teenager in the early 80's, that music was FUNK.  Instrumental pop-funk inspired by the early 80's Minneapolis sound will always be a part of who I am as a musician.  Even though I often venture out into other genres, every so often I have to make a pilgrimage back home to the funk. It's just in my bones.

For me, funk is all about 2 things: the groove & fun. I had a blast layering all the synths on top of the bass & drums. Creating funky basslines has always…

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Legacy Releases 

So much of my musical journey has been – and continues to be – about finding myself as a musician. I have always been a high-volume creator, so one of the results of this endless search has been a LOT of unreleased music. I have around 200 tracks that I have completed and never released for a variety of reasons. This leaves me with a great deal of “unfinished business” with myself. I will be addressing this through what I will call “Legacy" releases. “Meanwhile in 1993…” is the second such release (the…

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Meanwhile in 1993... 

Once upon a time, back in 1993, I stepped into the world of MIDI. For those of you who don’t know, MIDI is a modern tool in recording music that has been around since the early 80’s. It’s basically a connection that allows the computer components of musical instruments to talk to each other. We still use it today as we create our music on computers, but in the early 90’s it was just trickling into home studios.

Anyway, after working 2 jobs for 5 months to save up $700, in October of 1993 I bought my first…

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Music I'm Feelin': Rasmus Faber "Two Left Feet" 

House Music has always been a very singles-driven genre. Swedish Producer/DJ/Pianist Rasmus Faber has certainly created some wonderful house singles and remixes over the last 2 decades. I first became aware of him in 2003 through his track “Ever After” feat. Emily McEwen. The vibe and melody of that song grabbed me so profoundly that I can still remember exactly what I was doing the first time I heard it. It is still one of my all-time favorite house tracks and I have been a fan of his work ever since.

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Beyond The Radio... finding dope music 

For a lot of different reasons, I don’t really listen to commercial radio. One of the main reasons is my taste in music simply doesn’t line up with what they’re playing. That really has been my story all the way back to the 80’s when I was a teenager. Even though I often ventured outside of the mainstream playlist, I do want to mention that radio was much better back then. There was a much wider variety of music and DJ’s had the freedom to play underground local or regional records they discovered.

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Free 2 Be Epic 

My next release of the summer is already here!

On my social media pages, I describe myself as an “electronic and funk musician”. On those occasions where I bring house & funk together, I create as Solitary Scientist.

This track is very significant for me on a personal level. I recorded it in December of 2016 right in the middle of doing the “A Child of The 80’s Vol. 1” EP (that one is coming very soon).  Why it has taken 2 ½ years to release this music is a long story full of details that I will not be…

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