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2024: The Journey Continues... 

Hello my friends! It’s been a long time since I made an entry here. I apologize for that. I had to shut a few things down as I reorganized my musical endeavors. I’ve been working on doing a better job of managing my health issues so my musical output can be more consistent and continue to improve.

I hope you have already noticed over the last few months I have picked up the pace with releases from Waynebo & The King Midas Project. The plan is to have a release from each artist every 3 weeks for the rest of…

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Music Monday #8: Eavesdrop Radio 

This week we shine a spotlight on a long-running radio show: Eavesdrop Radio.         
DJ Junior & Lil' Dave have been playing dope sets of Future Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Broken Beats and various electronic flavors since 2010.

The show is heard live on wkdu 91.7 FM in Philadelphia every Friday from 6pm-9pm.  If you can't catch it live, you can listen to replays of all the shows on Podomatic. Each show is a little different so you'll never get bored with the music they play. I can honestly say that I am just…

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Music Mondays #7: Stan Forebee  

The Lo-Fi beat scene is poppin’ pretty strong right now. One of the pioneers of that movement is Stan Forebee. His music is a brilliant blend of hip-hop, jazz, & classical with electronic influences.

His tracks are consistently bubbling with melodic brilliance. Complex chord progressions and beautiful melodies ride on top of head-nodding beats. With a top-notch ear for production quality, his choice of instrumentation never fails to deliver emotional impact. 

Be sure to check out his BANDCAMP page and support…

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Music Mondays #6: Crackazat  

I love house music and I love jazz. And I when I discover someone who is skilled at blending these 2 genres I get excited. Crackazat’s music definitely gets me excited. As his bio states: “Since his emergence on the international scene, he has quickly become recognised for his unique fusion of Jazz and House music.”      

I first discovered Crackazat in 2015 as I was curating a mix for The Afterglow. His track “Eye Light” caught my ear and let me know this was someone I should…

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Music Mondays #5: DOPE JAZZ RADIO / jazz re:freshed  


This week I shine spotlight on a weekly radio show and the team/label/movement behind it. What they do perfectly captures and expresses my feelings about jazz. The show also features soul, hip-hop, broken beat and other styles. The music of this movement is top-notch and deserves much more attention.

Jazz re:freshed started in 2003 with a vision “to challenge the elitism and prejudice within the jazz community that had kept jazz on the sidelines far too long, whilst bringing the incredibly diverse,

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The Afterglow - Show 62 (Late Night Chill Session) [player & playlist] 

Hello my friends! 

The cool vibes & classic beats return with a late-night chill session of beats, soul and downtempo tunes. 

Highlights include music from Hemai, Gianni Brezzo, Scrimshire, Robert Glasper, Jes Norris, Roy Jazz Grant,  Captain Planet and more! 

Thank you for listening. 

If you would like to contribute and help me keep the music flowing, please buy me a coffee 


1) Aso - Soul Vibe 

2) Hemai - Feet Will Fall (ft. B-ahwe) 


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Music Monday #4: Otis McDonald 

This week I want to shine a light on an artist I came across listening to a Spotify playlist: Otis McDonald

His music is mostly instrumental beats (with occasional vocals) that feature live instrumentation. VERY funky stuff indeed! In addition to the infectious, impeccable grooves, one thing that really grabbed my attention was the sheer volume of dope tracks that this dude has released over the last few years. 

I am impressed by his grind. 

On one of his Instagram posts he said that he released a track a…

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The Afterglow - Show 61 (player & playlist) 

Whassup my friends! 

2023 is here so it’s time to keep the music flowing. Waynebo’s Groove Sessions feeds your House Music appetite. The Afterglow is here for those times you’re in the mood to vibe out to something else. 

Show 61 features a heavy dose of dope lyricism along side beats, jazz, soul, & afrobeat. Plenty of good vibes and uptempo energy for your listening pleasure. 

Highlights include music from Tall Black Guy & Ozay Moore, BLUE LAB BEATS, Soul Supreme, Otis McDonald, Toine Houston, Datin…

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Music Monday #3: Jazz-Funk & Jazz UK (Spotify Playlists) 

As many of you know from listening to The Afterglow and some of my other DJ Sets, I love jazz. I can appreciate almost any type of jazz, but my favorite is the type that we heard on WJZZ here in Detroit when I was growing up. Jazz that incorporated elements of soul & funk, and later blended in elements of hip-hop as well. No one will ever accuse me of being a jazz purist. 

The bad news is WJZZ left the airwaves back in the 90’s and those styles of jazz haven’t been heard on Detroit radio since then. The…

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Music Monday #2: Jazzmaster Mike 

As most of you know, I have a page on Mixcloud where I post my DJ Mixes. If you’re not listening right here on my website, I hope you’re listening over there. 

One thing many of you might not know is how much dope music there is on Mixcloud. Today, I want to spotlight one of my fellow Mixcloud DJ’s: Jazzmaster Mike

For the record, I don’t know him, and – apart from leaving a few comments on his mixes - I have never communicated with him. I just came across his channel and fell in love with his mixes. He…

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New Music! "Lucid Clouds" 

Hello my friends!  I told you more was coming and today I’m delivering on that promise. As I told you previously, the first half of 2023 for TKMP is about UNFINISHED BUSINESS. 
We continue the journey with release #2 in the “Cleaning The Archives” series. 

Read this blog post for more info on "Cleaning The Archives"

This track will be available exclusively on Bandcamp & 

“Lucid Clouds” was recorded back in 2013 a few days after I did “In The Box”. On this track, while I was still learning my way…

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Music Monday #1: 2022 Favorites 

So… I’ll kick things off by highlighting a few of my favorite albums from 2022:

1) Blue Lab Beats – “Motherland Journey” 

2) Crackazat – “Evergreen” 

3) Robert Glasper – Black Radio III 

Honorable mentions: 

Phazed Groove – “A Taste Of” 

Glimlip – Twelve Chapters 


BLU LAB BEATS – “Motherland Journey” 

Listen on BANDCAMP 

Stream here:

This is easily my favorite album of the year. Great composition &amp…

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Welcome to Music Mondays! 

Happy new year my friends! 

Every Monday in this space I will be sharing dope music that I am enjoying that I think you will enjoy too. Whether it’s albums, singles, DJ Mixes, Spotify playlists, DJ's on Mixcloud, SoundCloud or YouTube, if it’s dope I’ll share it here. 

I won’t be doing reviews, just sharing music for your enjoyment with a few personal comments.

Please DM me on Twitter/IG @waynebo248 or via email at with comments. 

Note: I will always feature albums on Bandcamp when they

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New Music from TKMP! - "In The Box" 

Hello my friends. Happy New Year! Some of you have only recently discovered me and my music and may not be aware that I release Dance/House music under the alias The King Midas Project. Well, there’s new music from TKMP today and you can expect a ton of new tracks this year! 

The theme for the first half of the year with TKMP is UNFINISHED BUSINESS. Over the next few months, I will be releasing tracks that, for a variety of reasons, have been sitting on my hard drive for years. Let’s call this chapter –…

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The Afterglow - Show #60 (part 2) [playlist & player] 


Hello friends! Part 2 of Show 60 is a laid-back set loaded with jazz, beats and jazzy beats. 

An hour of melodic, head-nodding goodness.


Once again, thank you for including The Afterglow in the soundtrack of your life! 



1) Robert Glasper – Everybody Wants To Rule The World (feat. Lalah Hathaway & Common) 

2) Jesse Fischer – Resilience (Recharged) 

3) King Chino – Deeply Rooted 

4) Matt Wilde – Better Worlds (feat. Kissamilé) 

5) Kaidi Tatham – Ergonomic Structure 

6) Wavey Abersold – After…

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