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Afterglow Mix 59 [playlist + player] 

Part 3 of Show 59 is a lively blend of Lounge, Disco, & Chilled House with a splash of midtempo. 

1) MAWI – De La Bath (Soul Vocal Mix) 
2) Rafael Yapudjian – Deep Inside 
3) Mario Dubbz & Allen Craig – My Nature (Hotmood Remix) 
4) Rhyze – Do Your Dance (Moodena Remix) 
5) DJ Christian B – Flute Shoot 
6) Darius & Wayne Snow – Equilibrium 
7) Montefiori Cocktail – Gypsy Woman (Micky More & Andy Tee Remix) 
8) AAries – Don’t Give It Up (MdCL Remix) 
9) Mr. ThruouT – City Lounge 
10) Slync – Toasted 

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The Afterglow - Show 59 (part 2) [Show Notes & Playlist] 

Part 2 continues with another updated classic from Herb Alpert, new music from the legendary Lord & Dego, and another track from MdCL. 

We have more modern soul from Jes Norris (feat. SteffanOtto), Ruby Francis & Allysha Joy. Broken Beats from K15 & Wipe The Needle (feat Sasha Williamson). We close out with a wonderfully smooth track from Scrimshire. Plus, much more! 

Thank you for listening. Let’s go! 


1) Herb Alpert – Spanish Flea / Rise 

2) Lord & Dego – Faith Must Have A Reason 

3) Mark de…

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The Afterglow - Show 59 (part 1) [Show Notes & Playlist] 


Hello my friends! It has been a long time. After a year of Sunday night mixes on Waynebo’s Groove Sessions, we finally have a new Afterglow show. I’ve been sitting on a bunch of great music that didn’t quite fit into the Sunday night mix format so I’m very excited to bring this to you. There is so much that I decided to split the show into 2 parts. Plus, you will find the DJ Mix will be posted separately. 

I know this is a bit of a departure from our normal format. It’s 2022 and things in the podcast/dj…

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Sunday Night Groove Session #18 (VIDEO) 

My weekly set on Mixcloud Live.

After a bunch of self-inflicted technical difficulties, I re-started and settled in for an epic set of afro house, soulful house, disco, funk, mid-tempo soul, beats and hip-hop.

Catch me every week.

7p, New York

4pm Los Angeles

12 midnight London/GMT

The Afterglow - Show 58 

Welcome to show 58. A new sampling of COOL VIBES & CLASSIC BEATS just for you. 

You’ll hear a strong West London vibe in this one with tunes from Kaidi Tatham, Mark de Clive-Lowe, and WheelUp. (I know MdCL isn’t from London, but he was a big part of the movement) 

We also have some classic hip-hop flavor from The Ruffcats and a dope new track from Cephas. 

Our DJ Mix is a nice set of Lounge & Nu-Disco. 

Our Chilled Vibes feature cool jazz throwbacks from Herbie Hancock and David Sanborn and more! 


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The Afterglow - Show 57 

Welcome to another set of Cool Vibes & Classic Beats. 

Beats, hip-hop, acoustic soul, jazz, lounge, disco, chillout. 

Please Like & leave a comment OR follow me on Twitter/IG @waynebo248 and let me know what you think of the show. You can also join the FB group “The Afterglow (by Waynebo)”. 

Hit me up one way or the other and let me know you’re listening. 


Phase 1: Beats, Jazz, Soul and Other Goodies 

1.) Uyama Hiroto – 81 Autumn 

2.) Kraak & Smaak – Soul Liberator (feat. Sanguita) [Kerem Akdag…

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Spotify Playlist of The Week: Tru Thoughts | Artist In Residence | Kuna Maze 

French-born Producer/DJ Kuna Maze curates a wonderfully eclectic set of current and classic releases from the Tru Thoughts label. For those who don’t know, Tru Thoughts is a Brighton, UK based record label releasing Electronic, Jazz, Soul, Hip-Hop, Downtempo, Grime and more. This playlist highlights some wonderful tunes. Featuring broken beat, soul, jazz, and other electronic styles this is a playlist worthy of a road trip or a day around the house. Plenty to vibe out to as well as get up and dance to. This…

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Music I’m Feelin’: Tall Black Guy - “Airplane Mode” 

In recent years, the beats genre has grown very popular - and very crowded. There are few producers who have managed to develop a signature sound that stands out in the crowd. Tall Black Guy is one of them. I first discovered him back in 2010 on his Tall Black Guy vs. Michael Jackson album (still available on Bandcamp and still dope!). Over the last decade he has continued to develop his signature soulful blend of hard-hitting drums blended with creative sampling and live instrumentation into a thing of…

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New Music! Memoirs of a Beatmaker, Vol. 1 


For the next month or 2 I am taking some time to focus on developing my sound as a funk music artist. I’ve decided to postpone the funk releases I had planned for a couple of months while I work on a more consistent sound. While I’m doing that, I felt it was a good time to release something I’ve been sitting on for a while. 

Once upon a time, ya boy was a beatmaker. Back in the 90’s, there wasn’t a market for instrumental beat albums like there is now. So like most…

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New Music! Electric Maestro - Love for the 106 - Part 1 


One of the great things about modern music production is the abundance and availability of affordable synths. It really is great. But sometimes having 10,000 options can be a bit overwhelming. So, I recently decided that I would challenge myself to produce some tracks using only 1 synth. It’s amazing how much creativity one can find within pre-set limits. You can expect to see more of these from me in the future! 

I’m starting off with what is probably my…

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