Music Mondays #6: Crackazat

I love house music and I love jazz. And I when I discover someone who is skilled at blending these 2 genres I get excited. Crackazat’s music definitely gets me excited. As his bio states: “Since his emergence on the international scene, he has quickly become recognised for his unique fusion of Jazz and House music.”      

I first discovered Crackazat in 2015 as I was curating a mix for The Afterglow. His track “Eye Light” caught my ear and let me know this was someone I should definitely check out. Over the years, in addition to his own brilliant original works, his unique talents have been tapped for many excellent remixes (Like the one at the top of this post). If you have listened to Waynebo’s Groove Sessions, you have heard quite a few of these. Crackazat is a musician who is clearly comfortable – and very good – at both genres. His blending of the 2 sounds very natural. Never contrived or forced. It sounds like a natural outgrowth of who he is as a musician.      

On his YouTube channel, you will find his “Monday Jams”. These are live sessions where he builds a track and lets us watch the magic happen. He also makes a nicely mixed version of the audio to these sessions available on BANDCAMP & SOUNDCLOUD. I will embed one of the videos below along with his album “Evergreen” and several of his tracks.      




“Evergreen” on BANDCAMP

Monday Jams on SOUNDCLOUD

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