The Afterglow - Show 62 (Late Night Chill Session) [player & playlist]

Hello my friends! 

The cool vibes & classic beats return with a late-night chill session of beats, soul and downtempo tunes. 

Highlights include music from Hemai, Gianni Brezzo, Scrimshire, Robert Glasper, Jes Norris, Roy Jazz Grant,  Captain Planet and more! 

Thank you for listening. 

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1) Aso - Soul Vibe 

2) Hemai - Feet Will Fall (ft. B-ahwe) 

3) BLUE LAB BEATS - Dat It ft Kiefer 

4) Da Funksta - Indigo Jazz 

5) Captain Planet - Mirage (feat. Taj Bethel) 

6) Gianni Brezzo - Capture This 

7) Scrimshire - In Circles (feat. Idris Rahman) 

8) Robert Glasper - Over 

9) Blue Wednesday, juniorodeo - Find Yourself 

10) Masked Man - It'll Always be Alright 

11) Terem - Echoes of You 

12) Jes Norris – moment (feat. StefanOtto) 

13) Teddy Roxpin - Highland Park After Dark 

14) Roy Jazz Grant – Bird Fall 

15) BLUE LAB BEATS - Slow Down ft Ego Ella May 

16) Jes Norris (feat. Datin) – intimately 

17) Robert Glasper - Heaven's Here 

18) Aves - Everyday

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