Music Mondays #5: DOPE JAZZ RADIO / jazz re:freshed


This week I shine spotlight on a weekly radio show and the team/label/movement behind it. What they do perfectly captures and expresses my feelings about jazz. The show also features soul, hip-hop, broken beat and other styles. The music of this movement is top-notch and deserves much more attention.

Jazz re:freshed started in 2003 with a vision “to challenge the elitism and prejudice within the jazz community that had kept jazz on the sidelines far too long, whilst bringing the incredibly diverse, colourful, expressive and creative world that is jazz to the people – live, fun and affordable. Perhaps the most important aim was and still is, to promote underexposed music and artists deserving of the widest recognition.”

“Jazz re:freshed has its hands in many pies, hosting a weekly live residency, a record label, festival, film club, band development programme, club night, workshops and more.”

DOPE JAZZ RADIO is a weekly show that is an expression of the movement. And, as the title suggests, the music is absolutely dope!! “From dance-oriented jazz to various cultural interpretations eg. Latin jazz, Japanese jazz, Afro jazz, Hip hop Jazz etc. – all expressions of jazz music are represented.”

Yes, indeed they are. You can find DOPE JAZZ RADIO on Mixcloud HERE          
Make sure you scroll down and check out one of the many dope mixes they have on the page.           
(I have also embedded a couple of shows below)

Learn more about Jazz re:freshed HERE 

Find them on Instagram HERE

Listen to/Purchase music from the artists on Bandcamp HERE          
(I have embedded a couple of albums, but they have MUCH more at that link)

Click the artwork below to play

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