Where I'm Coming From - Words 4 Life: Why Am I doing This?

The end of the year is always a good time for reflection and self-evaluation. I believe an important part of this process is refreshing or re-affirming one’s motives. When you are clear about why you’re doing something, it becomes easier to make decisions about what to do… and what not to do. Something you are uncertain about should be examined in light of your motives to see if it is contrary to your stated goals. As I re-focus myself on why this site exists in the first place, it seems appropriate to re-post my mission statement. Exodus Music – Mission Statement: In the book of Exodus, God used Moses to lead the children of Israel from one way of life (bondage) into another way of life (freedom). It is the mission of Exodus Music to use the joy, energy and power of music to draw attention and build relationships – primarily with people who are unwilling to go to church or listen to a message preached by a pastor. Through these relationships, God will use Exodus Music to deliver the gospel and lead people to a new way of life - freedom - based on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and grounded in the Word of God. To God be all the glory!!

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