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Want updates on what I'm doing?


It has been a VERY long time since I made an entry here. I guess it time to bring you guys up to date on what’s happening with me…


For over 25 years I have viewed myself exclusively as a producer. Everything I recorded, posted or released was done with the goal of getting production and/or remix work. Even back in the day when I was rapping, it was done to draw attention to my production.  In the fall of 2016 I began to make a major paradigm shift toward viewing myself as an artist. It has significantly…

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Still Going Strong 

Well, it’s been almost a year since I launched The Afterglow (and made an entry in this journal).  The show has been well-received with well over 200 fans listening/downloading each episode. It even got up over 500 for a couple of episodes in the fall. Of course, I would like to greatly increase that number, but it has been a good start. The show has fans all over the world – from Washington to Florida to the UK, Spain, Portugal and Canada. It has been a thrill hearing from them. Many have shared with me…

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Why am I doing The Afterglow? 

About 2 months ago, I was listening to the SSRadio lounge and chill channel and I noticed that they appeared to have a shortage of programs on that channel compared to their other channels. Since I am a big fan of downtempo music and have a pretty large collection of tunes that fit the format,  I decided I would like to try to fill in that gap and applied for a time slot. I didn’t realize how much of a backlog of applications they had because as of today, my application is still being processed. I…

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2010: Resurrection or Requiem? 

As I stated in my last post, in 2010 my studio sabbatical is over. I’m so excited about making music again! However, the biggest question remains: Is this a new beginning or the last hurrah?

I’ve been producing music for over 20 years. I never really wanted to be a star. Fame doesn’t really appeal to me. Frankly, I’m too insecure to tolerate all that scrutiny. I have always wanted music to be my main gig. I want a top-notch studio of my own to work in. At this point, that means enough money to support my…

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Looking forward to 2010 

Although I have tried to stay active on this site and with other promotional efforts, it has been a very long time since I have actually composed or produced any new music. I have written previously in this blog (Jan. 9, 2009) about the personal & spiritual implications of this extended layoff. It has been very hard on me emotionally having such a critical, core element of who I am shut down for well over 3 years, but thankfully The LORD allowed me to see a little of what he was doing inside of me once I…

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Where I'm Coming From - Words 4 Life: A Change Of Plans 

As some of you know, my dance project “Goldfinger Vol. 1: 100% Pure Dance Music” is on sale at various outlets on-line. I have 3 more projects that are completed and scheduled for release very soon. I have decided to offer them as free downloads instead of selling them. They will be available on at least one other site, but of course you’ll have first dibs right here. 

The goal is for this to be a marketing tool that creates the kind of exposure for my music that will generate interest in upcoming…

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Where I'm Coming From - Words 4 Life: The Battle Continues... 

The war to get my body back in shape is still waging... After eating my way up to a nice, plump 248 lbs., I am now tipping the scales at 241. (I'm 5' 8" by the way) I've been taking my 4 year-old son out to ride his bike while I power walk behind him (I'm working on getting back to running). I'm also working on correcting some poor eating habits - most notably, my long-standing love-affair with ice cream. I'm also working on better meal planning so I can kick the fast-food habit.

The plan is to…

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Where I'm Coming From - Words 4 Life: I'm Back!! 

If you’ve checked this section lately, you may have noticed I’ve been off-line for a couple of months. Life has been very busy in my household. A snapshot of the last 2 months of my life: My family moved into a new house, we hosted my wife’s baby shower, my wife started a new job, my son moved from day-care to a new school, my host-daughter graduated from high school, we hosted her open house/party and then got her packed for her return to Vietnam (she was with us for 2 years), my daughter completed her…

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New Features! 

Every week I will select a track of the week from one of my current projects and offer it as a free download! Be sure to click on the title for additional info.

Each week you will also find a DJ Mix Of The Week free for you to download, put in your iPod or mp3 player, and bump it loud all day & night!! Mixes will cover a variety of genres. Be sure to click the title of the mix for a description of the mix and a playlist.

Check the MUSIC section every week!!

By all means, holla back with comments and pass…

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The New!!!!! 

The new site is finally finished and online!! DJ mixes, free tracks, new pictures, and new design. Check it out!