Still Going Strong

Well, it’s been almost a year since I launched The Afterglow (and made an entry in this journal).  The show has been well-received with well over 200 fans listening/downloading each episode. It even got up over 500 for a couple of episodes in the fall. Of course, I would like to greatly increase that number, but it has been a good start. The show has fans all over the world – from Washington to Florida to the UK, Spain, Portugal and Canada. It has been a thrill hearing from them. Many have shared with me how my show has lifted their spirits or helped them through their workday. Awesome!

The most satisfying part for me is that it’s still going.  I followed through on my idea instead of fizzling out. Completing the show in the midst of family & ministry responsibilities, work and other musical pursuits has been quite a challenge at times.  It has pressed me into new levels of efficiency as I have continuously refined the whole process.  I am now able to push through challenges that would have derailed me before. 

The wonderful thing is The Lord has continued to refine my vision throughout the year. I am much more prepared to operate within the music business than I was a year ago. I am learning to locate my audience as well as how and where to post music so they can find it. I am also learning how to properly carve out time for my music without neglecting my family – not an easy task.

It is very gratifying to see tangible progress toward the goals I wrote down a year ago. I still have a long way to go and much work to do, but I am definitely moving.

p.s.  I promise it will not be another 11 months before I make another entry here and you will also be seeing more entries in the blog as well.

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