Where I'm Coming From... words 4 life: Gospel Rap Music

Holy Hip-Hop. Gospel Rap. Christian Rap. Whatever you wanna call it, thank God it's here. (and since I am a HUGE fan of house music, thank God for Gospel House Music too!) Why? Well, first of all because I do love hip-hop music. However, most of what we hear on the radio is filled to the brim with foul, ungodly lyrics that promote an immoral lifestyle. Really, take some time and actually listen to the lyrics and break them down. Pay attention to the principles that are being promoted. And remember, music is powerful because the natural thing to do with it is to meditate it. Think about it, when you like a song you rehearse it over and over in your head, learning the words, letting the rhythms and melody sink into your mind. Those of you who listen to urban radio, think of all the songs that you can quote the lyrics to off the top of your head right now. Now think about what those lyrics really mean and stop fooling yourself into believing that you can marinate your mind in that material without being effected by it. The point is, we all should make some conscious decisions about what we fill our minds with. What we read, what we watch, and what we listen to DOES matter. It impacts how we see the world, how we see people, and how we think. The point is, I encourage everyone who reads this to check out some gospel rap or some gospel house music. A few years back, you could say that most of it sounded corny, but not anymore. Some of the hottest rappers out there are spittin' for Christ! I have a few sites in my "links" section that I hope you will check out. I will also be adding a page to my music section called "tracks U Need 2 Hear" where I will post some gospel rap tunes for you to check out. By all means, go to my "holla!" section and holla back at me with your thoughts.

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