Music Mondays #7: Stan Forebee

The Lo-Fi beat scene is poppin’ pretty strong right now. One of the pioneers of that movement is Stan Forebee. His music is a brilliant blend of hip-hop, jazz, & classical with electronic influences.

His tracks are consistently bubbling with melodic brilliance. Complex chord progressions and beautiful melodies ride on top of head-nodding beats. With a top-notch ear for production quality, his choice of instrumentation never fails to deliver emotional impact. 

Be sure to check out his BANDCAMP page and support his work. 
Also, check him out on SPOTIFY where you will find some of his best work on compliations and collaborations with other artists.  (Be sure to check out his contributions to this album
You can also find him on YOUTUBE

I have embedded a few of my favorites as well as a Spotify playlist below.      

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