The Afterglow - Show 58

Welcome to show 58. A new sampling of COOL VIBES & CLASSIC BEATS just for you. 

You’ll hear a strong West London vibe in this one with tunes from Kaidi Tatham, Mark de Clive-Lowe, and WheelUp. (I know MdCL isn’t…


The Afterglow - Show 57

Welcome to another set of Cool Vibes & Classic Beats. 

Beats, hip-hop, acoustic soul, jazz, lounge, disco, chillout. 

Please Like & leave a comment OR follow me on Twitter/IG @waynebo248 and let me know what you think of the show…


New Music! Memoirs of a Beatmaker, Vol. 1


For the next month or 2 I am taking some time to focus on developing my sound as a funk music artist. I’ve decided to postpone the funk releases I had planned…


The Afterglow - Show 56



Hello my friends! 

After a short break to clarify and rework my vision for what I am doing in this space as a DJ I am back with a new episode of The Afterglow. 

Highlights include tracks from the new…

Music I'm Feelin': "Soul's Acrylic" by A.I. The Anomaly

We are definitely in a season where the voices of women are finally being heard - and hip-hop is no exception.
That is definitely good thing.
Unfortunately, if you let the mainstream tell it, the only thing of value a…


The Afterglow - Christmas 2020

I didn’t plan to do a Christmas show this year. 

But as I finished curating my set for Mixcloud Live, I looked at the playlist and realized I had done an Afterglow Christmas show after all. 

So Happy Holidays and…


The Afterglow - Show 55 (Show notes & playlist)

Autumn is in full swing and it’s time for another episode of The Afterglow. Here in the U.S., election season has finally ended. Whether you’re happy with the results or not, it’s still time to celebrate and vibe out with…


The Afterglow - Show 54 (Show Notes & Playlist)

Show 54 is here! 

Phase 1 Highlights include broken beat tracks from Opolopo and a Kaidi Tatham & Daz-I-Kue remix, some real boom-bap joints from Blu & Exile and James Gardin & Toshiki Hayashi and Jazz from Nubya Garcia and…