New Music! "Lucid Clouds"

Hello my friends!  I told you more was coming and today I’m delivering on that promise. As I told you previously, the first half of 2023 for TKMP is about UNFINISHED BUSINESS. 
We continue the journey with release #2 in the “Cleaning The Archives” series. 

Read this blog post for more info on "Cleaning The Archives"

This track will be available exclusively on Bandcamp & 

“Lucid Clouds” was recorded back in 2013 a few days after I did “In The Box”. On this track, while I was still learning my way around my DAW, I was inspired to build a beat around a sample from the intro of “Awakenings” by The SoulJazz Orchestra from their 2010 album “Rising Sun”. (It’s a beautiful album. Highly recommended)  The vibraphone chords in the sample give the track a laid-back undercurrent which creates a nice contrast to the 4-on-the-floor house drums. 

Just like “In The Box”, I never actually finished a proper mixdown on this track, but thankfully, this rough draft was also well done. I sweetened it up with a few effects and mastering, but otherwise this is exactly what I did back in 2013.  

Once again, more is coming soon. Stay tuned and thank you for your support. 

Produced & composed by Waynebo 

Mixed & Mastered by Waynebo 

© & ℗ 2023 Exodus Music

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