Update on Goldfinger 2... New release date

I originally planned to release "Goldfinger Vol. 2 - the bonus traxx" on March 29. The plan was to re-do a couple of the mixdowns, finish the arrangement on 1 incomplete track and compose 1 brand new track for this EP. For the most part, this EP was going to be my last "emptying of the archives" project. (I have been posting some of my older projects just to get them out there and use them to learn how to promote on the internet.)

However, as I have gotten into the studio and gotten back into the vibe of the project, the sound of it seems to be taking a little different direction and I want to take my time and let it go where it is going instead of pressing the music into what I originally planned.  I really need to put my best foot forward.  To be honest, far too often in the past I have rushed to get finished because of the less-than-ideal circumstances at my studio. It's time to do it right. Thanks to the success of The Afterglow, I will have a good number of people listening.

I'm setting a tenative release date of May 8, but I'm not really firm on that. This project can be far better than the simple "emptying of the archives" I originally planned. Gonna take as much time as it takes to make it good.  When there is an absolutely certain release date, you will hear about it here first.

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