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Freed from the archives.
Energized and delivered in 3 distinct movements.
In this 5th release of the “Cleaning The Archives” series, we again explore the question “How Much Is Enough?”.

While recording “How Much Is Enough” back in 2017, I was particularly excited about the 2nd of the 3 movements in that track. I remember very well the energy that hit me as I played the parts in that section. With a piano riff inspired by Sheena Easton’s “Sugar Walls” (Produced by Prince), I felt that section of the song was so strong that it deserved it’s own track. So, in 2018, I expounded on that idea with a more dramatic intro that includes a synth solo and ultimately explodes into it’s own vibe.

This version keeps the original rendition of the 2nd movement as it’s center section before closing out with a modified version of the 1st section. I have always intended to edit the 2nd movement into something different for this version but didn’t get to that until very recently.
We’ll get to that on the next release…

Produced, Arranged & Composed by Waynebo
Mixed by Waynebo at The Exodus Lab
Mastered at eMastered

© & ℗ 2023 Exodus Music