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How Much Is Enough?

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Freed from the archives. Energized and delivered in 3 distinct movements.
“How Much Is Enough?”
A question that can be explored, but never fully answered.

The journey continues with the 4th release in the “Cleaning The Archives” series with a track from 2017.

2017 was a memorable year for me creatively. That year began with a hard drive crash that caught me being less than diligent with backing up my files. I lost almost 4 years of work! Ultimately, I was able to salvage a little bit, but I still took a very painful hit.
In the aftermath of that came a flurry of creativity over the spring & summer. This flurry included a few tracks you may already know:

That First Sunrise:
version 1)
version 2)

Dance At The Bottom:

The Brickyard:

The Long Ride Home:

I Can’t Get Enough:

These are the tracks I managed to release. There were quite a few more that are still waiting on their turn to see the light of day.
This, of course brings us to today’s release.
One of the things I’ve wrestled with over the years is a tendency to over-produce. I often have to go back and remove elements from a track to get it right. With this one, I decided not to do that. I love the busyness of it and decided that this time, I would layer and add as many parts as I wanted to.
That’s where the title came from.

“How Much Is Enough?” was recorded the same weekend as “I Can’t Get Enough”. It was supposed to be the second in a trilogy of releases. (If you listen, you’ll notice that I kept the same claps on both tracks because they started in the same session) I’ll spare you the ridiculous details and just say it didn’t work out.

The good news is this track will still be part of a trilogy.
“How Much Is Enough” is a track that is delivered in 3 distinct movements. The 2nd movement starts just after the 3-minute mark and lasts about 2 ½ minutes. I love this 2nd movement so much that I made a version that centers around that portion of the track. We will get to that version next week.

In the meantime, enjoy another track that’s been sitting on my hard drive for over 5 years.

Produced & Written by Waynebo

Mixed by Waynebo at The Exodus Lab
Mastered on

© & ℗ 2023 Exodus Music