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1) Jo Paciello – Insert Coin
2) Roland & Brother Rich – Roger Moore’s Living Room
3) Lee Wilson, Brutha Basil, Kevin Sylvester – Keep Keeping On (Brukel Soulful Mix)
4) Ilayali - & Soulplanet Jazz Ensemble – Is It The Way (U) [Deep Latin Instrumental]
5) Shake The Dog feat. Monique Bingham – Run (Jose Carretas Son Liva Remix)
6) Spiritchaser – Yesterday’s Gone (Tomorrow’s Dub)
7) CRS – Searchin (Original Mix)
8) The Pleasure Principle feat. Heidi Vogel – Coral Drive Hustler (Ben Smethurst ‘City Lights’ Mix)
9) Raw Artistic Soul feat. Edisney Portales Vega – Pa El Bembé (Ralf GUM & CrisP Mix)
10) Anane – Let’s Get High (Louie Vega Guitar Mix)
11) DJ Spen pres. LeRoyal – Do You Have It (Maurice Joshua Remix)
12) Deep Solution – Made For You (Mettle Deep Mix)
13) Super Drug – Strings of Love (Original Mix)
14) Alex V – Night Sky
15) Sunlightsquare – Into My Life (DJ Spivey’s “South Beach” Touch)
16) Incognito – Listen To The Music