1. Grits and Eggs

From the recording Grits and Eggs

“Grits & Eggs” is the first single from my upcoming EP “After All These Years”. It embodies a sound inspired by the funk bands of the late 70’s and early 80’s. Classic bass guitar thumping, in-the-pocket drums, big analog synths and stylish rhodes piano blend together to sweeten the ear candy of this first single.

In early 2021, I made a commitment. It was a commitment that was wayyyy overdue.
It was time to stop dabbling as a musician. Time to stop messing around with different styles. Time to stop just doing whatever I felt like doing musically.

It was time to stop hiding.

I committed myself to really being an artist – not just a musician or a producer. To stepping into my lane as an instrumental pop-funk artist and staying there long enough to establish a sound and really begin building an audience. I committed myself to resisting the urges and the inspiration to create in other genres as I have done for many years. Funk is where I started. In spite of my love for creating other styles, Funk is what I am best at.

As an artist, Funk is where I belong.

In the 8 months since my last release, I have created a lot of music. I have finally found a sound I could commit to as a starting point. A place to begin a sonic progression that will make sense to those who are listening and give proper context to the other music I create.

As a genre, Funk has fallen so far out of the mainstream that when I upload my music to various platforms it’s often not even an option for me to choose. Nevertheless, the Funk is in me. So in 2022, that’s what you’re gonna get.

Let’s GO!

Produced, Composed & Arranged by Waynebo
All instruments played by Waynebo

Recorded & Mixed by Waynebo at The Exodus Lab
Mastered by Mike Smith at Analog Mastering

Cover Art by Benyamin Nugraha