From the recording Beats, Jazz, etc.

The 4-on-the-floor dance music we love today began in the 70’s when disco emerged. That was the era when live drummers, bass players, guitarists, analog synths and full orchestras rocked the dance floors as well as the airwaves. As we moved into the 80’s and the ridiculous pushback and hatred toward disco eventually erased it from mainstream radio, the 4-on-the-floor club vibes were pushed into the underground. At the same time, technology introduced new tools and instruments for club-minded creatives to use. Most significantly, the Roland TR-909 drum machine became the holy grail of many bedroom studios. The vibe was particularly strong in Chicago and it gave birth to what we now know as HOUSE MUSIC. On many weekends in the mid-to-late 80’s, you would find me at a party or in a club drenched in sweat, dancing non-stop to tunes like the ones in this mix. You almost never heard them on the radio – at least not in Detroit. The local DJ’s were the only ones who could fill your cravings for this music. It was a different time. And we loved it!

1.) John Rocca – Move
2.) Steve Hurley – Jack Your Body
3.) Martin Circus – Disco Circus (2nd Movement)
4.) Inner City – Big Fun
5.) Status IV – You Ain’t Really Down (A Capella)
6.) Colonel Abrams – Music Is The Answer
7.) Sybil – Let Yourself Go (Paradise Mix)
8.) Billie – Nobody’s Business
9.) Ralphi Rosario & Xavier Gold – You Used To Hold Me (Riviera Mix)
10.) Steve “Silk” Hurley – Chain of Fools (feat. Risse)
11.) J.M. Silk – All In Vain
12.) Fast Eddie – Yo Yo Get Funky
13.) Adonis – No Way Back
14.) Adonis – Do It Properly (No Way Back)
15.) Chic – Jack Le Freak
16.) Steve “Silk” Hurley – Work It Out
17.) The House Master Boys & The Rude Boy of House – House Nation
18.) Steve Hurley – It’s Percussion (feat. M-DOC)
19.) Model 500 – Off To Battle
20.) Inner City – Good Life (Magic Juan Mix)
21.) John Rocca – Move (Farley’s House Piano Mix)
22.) Michael Jackson – Remember The Time (Maurice’s Underground)