Back in the day when I was producing and engineering hip-hop and r&b tracks, I had a “secret love affair” with electronic music. Obviously, my love for it is out in the open now. This mix is a tribute to the passion that embodied all of those sessions…
Over 100 minutes of House and Dance jamz from THE KING MIDAS PROJECT!! A great mix for running, aerobics, etc. or just to dance and get hyped.
This mix includes trax from “Goldfinger Vol. 1: 100% Pure Dance Music” and “The Goldfinger Anthology” as well as some unreleased exclusives.

All jamz produced by Waynebo. Except “Come & Get It” and “Single White Female” produced by me and my life-long homie, Lateef. “Single White Female” & “I Don’t Want 2 Go” written and arranged by Lateef.

1) Midnite Boogie
2) I Don’t Want 2 Go - feat. Bridgett Grace
3) Get Up, Get Up
4) Ain’t Gon’ Bump [Bloodhound Remix] – feat. The Monster
5) Bob’s River
6) I’ve Got 2 Have Your love [606 Dance Mix] - feat. Bridgett Grace
7) Lookin’ 4 My Baby [Goldfinger Remix] - feat. Kim McNeal
8) I’m Tired - feat. Kim McNeal
9) Jack Move #1
10) Fellatio: Only 4 Matrimony
11) Come & Get It [Club Zero Uhkoostik Mix] - feat. Bridgett Grace
12) Close Your Eyes
13) I’m Over U – feat. Bridgett Grace
14) Bloodhound
15) Morning Sun
16) Satin Sheets
17) Candy Cane
18) If U Let Me Be Your Lover [no-hook edit] – feat. Kim McNeal
19) Single White Female [Bo’s Freestyle Mix] – feat. Rhonda
20) Into The Dark
21) Praise His Name (Word Of God #1)
22) Single White Female [DJ’s Dub Mix]
23) Chubby (4 Rolls Of Phatt)