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90 minutes of jazz-flavored house goodness!  Featuring melodic pianos, trumpets, guitars, saxes and percussion over smooth, thumping soulful house rhythms. Sprinkle in a few classics from a few years back for fine seasoning and you have one delicious mix.
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91:42 / 84MB / 128k
1) Lebzito feat. Thulipilis - Singing (Miloe SoulTwins House Journey Remix)

2) Ananda Project - Big Boat (Relight Acoustic Dub)

3) Louie Vega feat. Blaze – Love Is On The Way (Rhythm Mix)

4) Marlon D pres. Colombia Soul Orchestra - Chand en Laureles (Sancocho Sin Leña Mix)

5) Marcelo Nassi & Rik-Art - Emotion Is Good (4 Da People_s Balearic Touch)

6) Justin Imperiale - The Sound (Deep Mix)

7) Wyze & Joy Halliday - B-Piper

8) Dolls Combers feat. Kholi Twala - Absorb The Light (DC Absorb Mix)

9) Nick Holder - Black Jazz #9

10) Richard Earnshaw – iCulture

11) Pedro Campos, Cristian Corrotea – Wolken

12) Fuminori Kagajo - Jazz Spectrum (Klondike)

13) Anane - Let's Get High (Louie Vega Guitar Mix)

14) Roasted Soul - La Musica

15) One51 - Together As One (TAO Jazz Mix)

16) Chieko Kinbara - Summer Love (Anthony Nicholson Classic Disco Main Mix)

17) Richard Earnshaw - People Are People