1. Invigoration

From the recording Invigoration

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I thought the EP was finished. And then a few weeks ago, in the middle of an exhausting week, I was invigorated by a sudden burst of inspiration (You see what I did there?).

All jokes aside, this track was totally unexpected. Most of the time I have some idea of what I want the track to sound like before I start recording. A sonic vision that guides the process. Not this time. My normal process was kind of turned upside down – and thankfully, I was smart enough to not fight it.

The main melody was in my head all that day at work. I laid that down then started working on the drums. A few hours later I had everything in place just as you hear it on this track except…. the bass. For the first time in my musical life, in the hundreds of songs I’ve written and recorded, the bass guitar was the very last element I recorded. I consciously left space for it as I composed the rest of the track, but I was actually a little nervous when it was time to record. The energy was that strong. That’s why I called it “Invigoration”. I really felt this one could be special and I knew I had to nail the bass performance.

90% of the time when create a song the bass is first or second so this was very unusual for me. I have learned to trust my muse and let her lead the way when I create – so that’s what I did. I’ve been messing around with my process lately, so I guess this was bound to happen. It allowed me to put a little more energy into my performance on the bass. I hope y’all feel it as much as I did. I definitely had fun on this one.

The 80’s energy is still flowing strong and this track filled a void I didn’t even realize was there.
“A Child of The 80’s Vol. 2” is coming and it just got even better!


Produced, Arranged & Composed by Waynebo
All instruments played by Waynebo
Mixed by Waynebo at The Exodus Lab
Mastered on CloudBounce

© & ℗ 2023 Exodus Music