From the recording DJ Mixes from The Afterglow

A nice set of Nu-Jazz & Electro-Jazz from Show #29 of The Afterglow.
54:08 / 99.2MB / 256k
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1) The Five Corners Quintet - Three Corners [Nicola Conte's Sahib Samba Version]2) Monodeluxe - Moving Out3) Climatic – Aquarelo4) Megablast – Over5) EMO - First Time Experience [Povo Remix]6) Artie Shaw - Prosschai [Minimatic Remix]7) The Five Corners Quintet - Taxi Driver8) Rodrigo Sanchez feat. Brenda Boykin – Black Berry9) Expert Medicine - Useless [Mikael Delta Remix]10) Toy Division - Budapest Resonance [Original Instrumental Version]11) Bajka - The Hunting [Club Des Belugas Remix]12) Sofi Hellborg - Wouldn't That Be Fun [Senorlobo & Watch TV Temix]13) Trio Elétrico - Return Of The Coconut Groove [Raw Deal Mix]14) Deco - Bouncing Brass15) Club des Belugas - Something Big and Endless