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Waynebo - In My Natural Habitat

When I first began creating my own music as a teenager in the early 80's, that music was FUNK. Even though I often venture out into other genres, every so often I have to make a pilgrimage back home to the funk. It's just in my bones.

For me, funk is all about 2 things: the groove & fun. I had a blast layering all the synths on top of the bass & drums. Creating funky basslines has always been one of my strengths as a musician, and this track embodies that. This wasn't a track I planned to make, it just happened while I was fooling around on my bass and that's why I love it. I hope you dig it too!



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The King Midas Project - Cerulean Excursion

Some cool house vibes. Taking my house sound in a new direction with this one.


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Waynebo - Missing My Father

November 8, 2019 marks exactly one year since my father passed away due to pancreatic cancer. 

I created this song to honor his memory and give voice to my grief. To express the pain of having my life-long safety net snatched from under me.

I miss my dad...

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The King Midas Project - Meanwhile in 1993...

"Legacy" Release.

2 tracks that I recorded wayyyy back in the day.

See the blog post  for the back story.



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Chante Moore - Thank You For Loving Me (Waynebo's Hot Summer Remix)

Released in 1994 on her 2nd album "A Love Supreme", "Thank You For Loving Me" is my favorite Chante Moore song. This is the first of several remixes of back-in-the-day tracks I'm doing just for fun and to continue to sharpen my production skills. Enjoy and share!  

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Written by Chante Moore, Michael Norfleet & Eddie Ricketts

Produced by Bryan Loren

Remix Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Waynebo for Exodus Music

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Electric Maestro - The Silk Anvil

The unique sound of Electric Maestro! A driving mid-tempo beat, catchy lead melody and funky bass synth work come together to create a special vibe on this new single.

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Solitary Scientist - Free 2 Be Epic

Bringing House and Funk together with layered melodies and classic keyboard work, Solitary Scientist is back with a new single for the summer!

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