Where I'm Coming From - Words 4 Life: Unfinished Business

Some of you may wonder why you don’t hear more Christian songs in my music section. The truth is, much of this music represents “unfinished business” for me. I have an abundance of music that I have recorded & mixed - even had professionally mastered – but never took the steps necessary to release & promote it. For years, I worked my tail off in the studio but neglected the business and promotional side. I’m proud of the music on this site, but most of it was created when I was less mature in my faith. Nevertheless God, in his loving mercy, is pushing me forward and holding open the door of opportunity. The way I’ve had to arrange my life in this season has made creating music virtually impossible, but somehow, time to work on the business side always seems to work out. After wrestling with this issue in prayer for quite sometime I firmly believe that God has place the following limit on me: “No creating new music until you have released everything that is already finished”. So what’s the point? In the coming months as I scrape together the money, expect to see new releases from The King Midas Project, The Clyde Dee Concept, and Waynebo. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE “BUY” SECTION Also, I’m in the process of re-designing the site and actively doing more things to draw people here. Very soon, you will be able to buy downloads of my tracks right from my home page! I also plan to write in this space much more often in 2009. PLEASE PASS ON A LINK TO YOUR FRIENDS. This time next year I hope to have a much stronger presence in the industry, plenty of music on the market and, God willing, I will have generated enough revenue to make the changes necessary for me to have space in my life to make music again... In other words, I will have finished my unfinished business.

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