Where I'm Coming From - Words 4 Life: A Change Of Plans

As some of you know, my dance project “Goldfinger Vol. 1: 100% Pure Dance Music” is on sale at various outlets on-line. I have 3 more projects that are completed and scheduled for release very soon. I have decided to offer them as free downloads instead of selling them. They will be available on at least one other site, but of course you’ll have first dibs right here. 

The goal is for this to be a marketing tool that creates the kind of exposure for my music that will generate interest in upcoming projects as well as the placement/licensing of tracks in TV, movies and compilations. I also hope to eventually generate some production and remix work for myself.

Sonic Landscapes is already available. I am finishing the cover art on the other projects so expect to see them all up by thanksgiving. Each time a new album is posted, I will announce it here.

YO! I need your help! Pass on links to any friends you have that might enjoy any of the tracks or DJ mixes. Put links on your myspace or facebook pages. Check back and download frequently and, most of all, Pray for me. I have a mission to complete (see my post from 12-28-09).

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