Back In The Day... Free Music in The Music Section

Today I’m into producing electronic styles of music. Back in the day – in the 90’s – I produced a lot of hip-hop and R&B as well as some contemporary jazz. I worked with some talented cats and we created some good music that I have decided to share with you.

You can enjoy the unique, jazzy style of “Euphoria” by The Clyde Dee Concept. There is my own rap project “On An Exodus: 1995-2000 (the phatt traxx y’all never heard)”. There are tracks from MC”M” & The Hype Crew (a rap & dance act I was part of in my college days), various remixes and collaborations as well as some of my work as a songwriter. And, of course, there is the growing selection of DJ mixes for your iPods & mp3 players. All free for you to download!! Just click the music tab up top on the left.

Enjoy! Holla back and let me know what tracks you like.

Also… Although I can’t give them away as downloads ( I don’t own the music), I hope you will checkout my “traxx U need 2 hear” section. (scroll down and read my post from 11-16-06 about why these tracks are here) There’s some bangin’ music plus a couple of nice videos there too. These tracks are available on itunes as well at as holy culture download. If you’re feelin’ them, show these independent artists some love.

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