Where I'm Coming From - Words 4 Life: The Battle Continues...

The war to get my body back in shape is still waging... After eating my way up to a nice, plump 248 lbs., I am now tipping the scales at 241. (I'm 5' 8" by the way) I've been taking my 4 year-old son out to ride his bike while I power walk behind him (I'm working on getting back to running). I'm also working on correcting some poor eating habits - most notably, my long-standing love-affair with ice cream. I'm also working on better meal planning so I can kick the fast-food habit.

The plan is to develop some consistency with the small changes. I'll walk off the 1st 20 lbs., then get back to running. It's a daily fight and the road to 175 lbs. is a long one, but I'm not giving up. There is too much at stake - I need to be a healthy, energized father and husband. My family needs more from me than I can give in my present condition and I know the LORD isn't pleased with this. I've come to understand how deep and intricate the mental aspect of this battle is. All behaviors have underlying emotions that drive them. These emotions must be dealt with and conquered before you can change the behavior.

Join me in praying that I grow stronger in this area before the serious health problems start.

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