2010: Resurrection or Requiem?

As I stated in my last post, in 2010 my studio sabbatical is over. I’m so excited about making music again! However, the biggest question remains: Is this a new beginning or the last hurrah?

I’ve been producing music for over 20 years. I never really wanted to be a star. Fame doesn’t really appeal to me. Frankly, I’m too insecure to tolerate all that scrutiny. I have always wanted music to be my main gig. I want a top-notch studio of my own to work in. At this point, that means enough money to support my family comfortably. As I’ve gotten older, my vision for this has changed – for the better, I think. I see options now that, frankly, I wasn’t open to in the arrogance of my 20’s. But unlike in my 20’s, it’s no longer just about me and my dreams. I have a family now. Anything I pursue has to work within my household and within the vision we have for our family. Even more significantly, I live for Christ now. Any aspirations not in line with The Lord’s call on my life must be let go.

I have resisted saying this for a few years, but I’ll have to say that 2010 is my “do or die” year. This year, I clear some hurdles and make significant, measurable progress or it’s time to turn my attention and passion in another direction.

Critical questions for this year:  I know I have the talent to rap, the question is whether, at 41, does God still want to use that voice?  For years I have had a certain “sound” in my head (production-wise) but have always been too busy to sit down and flesh it out. This year, that sound will get developed. The question is will anybody like it? Can it be promoted? Will it get me the production work and licensing opportunities I want? To have long-term viability, THE CLYDE DEE CONCEPT needs a live stage performance - which means a very different approach to how I compose and arrange that music. Can I pull that off? Will people want to come out and see the show?

  One way or the other, this will be a critical year for me. All of these things will require a strong commitment to private preparation and I don’t expect this to be easy. At the end of 2010, I will have some answers… and plenty of new music. 

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