Free 2 Be Epic

My next release of the summer is already here!

On my social media pages, I describe myself as an “electronic and funk musician”. On those occasions where I bring house & funk together, I create as Solitary Scientist.



That First Sunrise

It’s time to get the summer started right!

My first house release of this year is from The King Midas Project.

The inspiration for “That First Sunrise” came to me as I considered the biblical account of the creation…


Music I'm Feelin': Ralf GUM - "Progressions"

I'm a little late with this one, but this album is so good it doesn't really matter.

Ralf GUM's 4th full-length LP "Progressions" is another masterpiece of soulful house music. There are very few artists talented enough to make a…


Naturally Sweetened Remixes

On social media, my bio reads “Electronic & Funk Musician”. Last year I finally introduced you to the funk side with my EP “2 Stankin’ Minutes (The Prequel)”. My personal favorite on that EP was track 3, “Naturally Sweetened”. I’ve…


The Aftermath (Waynebo's Electric Dance Mix)


In The Aftermath of my father's death, I created a track in his memory. This is my remix of that track.

This one picks up right where the original left off. I made this track a bit more uptempo and…


The Aftermath (In Memory of Walter Stephens Sr.)

In the weeks leading up to my father’s passing, I considered how his death would impact me. I wondered if it would disrupt the wonderful flow of music that I had been churning out lately. Would I need to stop…


Throwback: "I'm Leavin" & "Emancibounce"

As I put the finishing touches on my new music and prepare to launch a new chapter as a musician, I will be sharing pieces of my musical history....

Once upon a time back in the 90's - in…


Come & Get It (1995 House Mix)

Once upon a time, back in 1994, me & my homie Lateef had the idea of doing a melodic, pop-style Miami bass track.  We were a little bit ahead of our time and didn't really nail the production on that…


Root Cause Analysis [2004]

Throwback!: Once upon a time, back in 2004, ya boy was makin’ some beats. I looped a piece of D’Angelo’s “The Root” from the classic “Voodoo” LP. Layered some drum samples and a drum loop, phattened up the low end…

Waynebo's Kitchen Sync - The Wake-Up Call

On Christmas Eve, I sat down to review the sounds on a new synth I downloaded. I planned to spend an hour doing that and then resume working on a remix to a track I made in honor of my…


Show 50 (Purple Pain) playlist

Show 50 - #PurplePain: A tribute to the music of Prince

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The recent death of my biggest musical hero – Prince – has inspired me to devote an entire show to celebrating his music. Sit back…