Throwback: "I'm Leavin" & "Emancibounce"

As I put the finishing touches on my new music and prepare to launch a new chapter as a musician, I will be sharing pieces of my musical history....

Once upon a time back in the 90's - in the process of a long search to find myself musically, I used to do an R&B/Hip-Hop flavored style of jazz. I was once a decent sax player though I never fully committed to the instrument. The same goes for my bass guitar. Production was always my main thing. I've always been just good enough on my instruments to bring my ideas to life and complete the track. As I moved into the 2000's, my inspiration began to lean toward more electronic styles.  Here are 2 songs that capture the experimentation that was underway during this period. Listen to both tracks below.

"I'm Leavin": In the summer of 2000, one of the local rappers I was working with came by the lab while I was working on a track. He said he wanted the track and spit a very nice verse to it about having problems with his girl and being finished with her. He had somewhere to be, so he agreed to come back later that evening to lay his vocals. Well, he never showed up. While I was waiting for him, I decided to change the arrangement of the track and add some sax to it. I chose to keep the title. I never heard from that dude again... ??‍♂️
You can get this track on #Bandcamp as part of the album "Euphoria".

"Emancibounce": The album that became "Euphoria" was originally titled "The Sweet Emancipation". This track was done after I pulled the plug on that project feeling it needed a little something more. It was originally intended to be part of that album. This track was really experimental for me at that time as I was beginning to go in a more electronic direction. I always loved the sax arrangement I did on this one. I had actually forgotten about this track but came across it recently while going through some old CD's. 


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