The Goldfinger Anthology 1997-2004

In 1997, I began developing material for a dance music project I called “Goldfinger”. (King Midas… GOLDfinger… get it?) Anyway, I was still immersed in hip-hop and R&B at that time and planned to put 4 house tracks on vinyl for the purpose of generating funds to invest in those projects/artists. For a variety of reasons, the Goldfinger project began to change and evolve. I completed several different incarnations – from 3-song EP’s to 12-song LP’s – even having one professionally mastered before pulling the plug and starting over.

In the fall of 2008 I finally had a combination of tracks that I felt worked together as a project. I released “Goldfinger Vol.1: 100% Pure Dance Music”, An eight-track collection of house and dance music featuring some remixes of my R&B songs as well as some hot instrumentals. It’s available at all of the major digital outlets. Check the Products section (tab on the right) for links.

As I combed through my archives recently, I realized that left in the aftermath of my indecisiveness were several very good, unreleased dance tracks. I figured “why not share some good music?” So to you dance music lovers, I present a collection of tracks that should have come to you much sooner. Enjoy!

Also, be sure to checkout the Goldfinger DJ Mix, which includes tracks from both projects as well as more exclusives. Listen & download here:

Produced by Waynebo for Exodus Music
"Come & Get It" and "Single White Female" produced by Lateef & Waynebo

All jamz written by Waynebo except "Single White Female" written by Lateef Murdock ( and "Come & Get It" written by Waynebo and Lateef Murdock (co-arranged by Nick Dalbis)
"Lookin' 4 My Baby" and "I'm Tired" written by Waynebo and Kim McNeal

©2010 Exodus Music

Shout out to THE MONSTER - R.I.P. homie.



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