The Aftermath (Waynebo's Electric Dance Mix)


In The Aftermath of my father's death, I created a track in his memory. This is my remix of that track.

This one picks up right where the original left off. I made this track a bit more uptempo and made the sound and energy of the track more electronic in style. I kept the drums pretty straightforward with a heavy dance sound. I got funky on the synth bass instead of the bass guitar. I arranged the synth parts in a symphonic kind of style. I created layered melodies in unison on multiple synths. On the chorus and the bridge, instead of playing chords I created harmonies on the synths in the same way you would do it with vocals - one track at a time. For the chords, I stacked several synths and a CP-70 piano and played lively rhythmic patterns that give the track a really thick sound and a driving feel. 

I hope you dig it.

Enjoy the track below.


R.I.P. Dad. I love you forever.


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