The Afterglow - 4th Anniversary Flashback #1

In July of 2010, The Afterglow started on the Lounge & Chill channel over at SSRadio. Even though that channel is no longer on the air, the Cool Vibes & Classic Beats have continued on itunes, Podbean, mixcloud and soundcloud. Even though I can't get the shows up as regularly as I did the first 2 years, I still wanted to commemorate the occasion. I plan to post 3 or 4 "Flashback" episodes over the next month or so where I re-play some of my favorite mixes and tunes from the show. That should get you through the summer   Enjoy!!
Thank you all for making me a part of the soundtrack of your lives.  

The Afterglow - 4th Anniversary Flashback #1 by Waynebo on Mixcloud

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