That First Sunrise

It’s time to get the summer started right!

My first house release of this year is from The King Midas Project.

The inspiration for “That First Sunrise” came to me as I considered the biblical account of the creation of the earth. I thought about the day that God created all of the animals and tried to imagine the experience from their perspective. It was warm and bright outside. They had the entire world before them and everything they needed. And then the night came…

It became dark and cold. They were probably confused and afraid. They had never experienced this. They didn’t know what was happening and had no way of knowing if or when the warmth and light of the sun would return. The beginning of the 1st “verse” – where you first hear the lead melody played on the Rhodes – represents sunrise. That moment when a sliver of light first peeked over the horizon. The most attentive of the animals begin to raise their heads and look at one another with uncertainty mixed with a touch of hope. It’s still cold, but no longer quite as dark.

As the light slowly increases, the animals begin to interact with one another – you hear this in the unison synth parts and the counter melodies. As light and warmth continue to increase – you hear the intensity of the track slightly increase. Even though it’s the first day, I like to imagine frightened babies looking to their parents for some sort of answer about what’s happening.

Then – just before the 3:00 mark - the moment of revelation occurs. Mid-morning approaches. They feel the warmth and see the light and recognize the sun has indeed returned. At that moment, they erupt into celebration and the party continues for the next 5 minutes…

Enjoy "That First Sunrise" below.

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 Here's the "Good Morning Edit" 

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