Naturally Sweetened Remixes

On social media, my bio reads “Electronic & Funk Musician”. Last year I finally introduced you to the funk side with my EP “2 Stankin’ Minutes (The Prequel)”. My personal favorite on that EP was track 3, “Naturally Sweetened”. I’ve completed 2 remixes of that track and it’s now time to drop them!

The first one, “Waynebo’s Hot Synth Mix”, was originally conceived while I was mixing the original. While I had the drums & bass guitar muted, the keys inspired me to lay a new bass line on synth bass – which I played all the way through with no drums. At that point, I saved it, muted it, and continued the mixdown with intentions of coming back to that remix soon. Then… life jumped in and about 10 months went by before I could complete the remix. I kept most of the parts from the original – and changed a few of the sounds – but beefed up and simplified the drums to give it a more energetic feel. I also extended it and added 2 changes – closing out the track with a driving, hump-in-ya-back groove. I hope y’all dig it!


For the second mix, “Waynebo’s Electric Maestro Remix”, I dialed the tempo up a bit for a midtempo dance jam. I kept the melody from the original, but replayed it with a slightly different rhythm. I went for a heavy sound in the drums with a deep acoustic snare and a syncopated deep tom pattern. There are a few elements from the original: the wah-wah Rhodes and the 16th-note pattern from the outro. The bassline is classic and steady, changing up only for the outro.  I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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