Music Monday #4: Otis McDonald

This week I want to shine a light on an artist I came across listening to a Spotify playlist: Otis McDonald

His music is mostly instrumental beats (with occasional vocals) that feature live instrumentation. VERY funky stuff indeed! In addition to the infectious, impeccable grooves, one thing that really grabbed my attention was the sheer volume of dope tracks that this dude has released over the last few years. 

I am impressed by his grind. 

On one of his Instagram posts he said that he released a track a week for 75 consecutive weeks! A look at his Spotify profile confirmed that he was not exaggerating. That is a truly impressive level of talent, discipline, and efficiency. It has definitely challenged and inspired me to step my game up as far as finishing and releasing music goes. 

He also has a great YouTube page where you’ll not only find his music, but plenty of livestreams of him creating that music. This is a cat you should definitely listen to. 

Here’s the description from his YouTube page

From the mind and ears of producer/multi-instrumentalist, Joe Bagale, comes a sound that is fresh but tangibly rooted in nostalgia. When taking a listen, one may recall the soul of the 60s or the funk of the 70s. Or perhaps it’s pop radio from the 80s or the boom bap beats of the late 90s. Whatever it may be, Otis McDonald is the sound of an artist who manifests a lesson in versatility and growing perspective. 

The production can be dense at times, yet through it’s syncopated rhythms and unexpected harmony, Bagale is able to find the space that counts. Musically it’s both playful and emotive, while giving listeners a sense of optimism and joy. Just because it’s rooted in the blues, doesn’t mean it has to have the blues. There are beats that’ll make you wanna sweat on the dance floor. A thumpin’ bass that inspires folks to make love. Synths, guitars and horns that’ll cut through to your core, and a voice that reminds us all what it’s like to be human. 

Combining the skills of a musician, with the power of both old and new technology, the sound of Otis McDonald was born, reminding us that music is a universal language that will always have a past and always have a future. 

Check out Otis McDonald on Instagram: 
Check out Otis McDonald on YouTube: 

You can find a video of his latest album as well as a Spotify playlist of his tracks embedded below.



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