Music Monday #2: Jazzmaster Mike

As most of you know, I have a page on Mixcloud where I post my DJ Mixes. If you’re not listening right here on my website, I hope you’re listening over there. 

One thing many of you might not know is how much dope music there is on Mixcloud. Today, I want to spotlight one of my fellow Mixcloud DJ’s: Jazzmaster Mike

For the record, I don’t know him, and – apart from leaving a few comments on his mixes - I have never communicated with him. I just came across his channel and fell in love with his mixes. He is very often the soundtrack for my workday. 

Various flavors of Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Soul is mostly what you will hear. There’s also some great 80’s mixes and plenty of other stuff too. From yesterday’s classics to today’s gems, he has an immense collection that spans several decades. He also has a great skill for curation and knows what tunes go together to set a mood. Plus, he gives you a lot to enjoy by posting mixes quite frequently. 

I will embed a few of my favorites below, but I encourage you to bookmark his page and come back to it frequently.


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