Legacy Releases

So much of my musical journey has been – and continues to be – about finding myself as a musician. I have always been a high-volume creator, so one of the results of this endless search has been a LOT of unreleased music. I have around 200 tracks that I have completed and never released for a variety of reasons. This leaves me with a great deal of “unfinished business” with myself. I will be addressing this through what I will call “Legacy" releases. “Meanwhile in 1993…” is the second such release (the first was “The Goldfinger Anthology”). I have several “Legacy" Releases planned. Over the years I produced a lot of beats, house, and various blends of electronic vibes and jazz so you can expect some variety in these releases. And, as a few of you know, I also rapped for a few years. I honestly haven’t decided if I want to include those tracks in my legacy releases. Feel free to hit me on social media or via email with some feedback about that.

Because many of these tracks are over 20 years old, my expectations are fairly small, but if I didn’t believe the music was good I wouldn’t bother doing this. This will be a good way for me to continue to learn and refine my efforts in promotion and marketing. I also believe there are quite a few tracks in my archives that will find placements on Spotify playlists so this could be a good source of revenue for future musical endeavors. I believe I have many tracks that will bring joy, uplift and entertain those who hear them because even years after recording them, they still do that for me.

Most importantly, this music is a large part of my legacy. I have poured countless hours and immeasurable amounts of blood, sweat and tears into these tracks. When my days on earth are over, and my children and grandchildren want to know what I spent my time doing, I want to leave a tangible body of work that they can listen to.

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