Free 2 Be Epic

My next release of the summer is already here!

On my social media pages, I describe myself as an “electronic and funk musician”. On those occasions where I bring house & funk together, I create as Solitary Scientist.

This track is very significant for me on a personal level. I recorded it in December of 2016 right in the middle of doing the “A Child of The 80’s Vol. 1” EP (that one is coming very soon).  Why it has taken 2 ½ years to release this music is a long story full of details that I will not be sharing publicly. Let’s just say life doesn’t always cooperate with your plans.

I was emerging from a period of musical preparation which followed the longest musical hiatus of my life. I had to re-develop my composing and producing skills and learn how to create music in a modern computer-based setup. At this point, I had spent about 3 years re-inventing myself as a musician.

When I listened to the finished version of this track, I knew I was ready.

This track was originally created as a remix to a song titled “Investigation” from the EP I mentioned above. You can listen to that track in the player (it’s at the bottom of the page if you’re on your phone). I played live bass on that track. On “Free 2 Be Epic” I sampled several pieces of that performance. I re-sequenced and re-triggered them to create completely new basslines. The inspiration to create this track was so strong that it literally interrupted the creation of the original. I actually finished the “remix” first.

Listening to the keyboard work I did on this track is what gave me the confidence to complete “A Child of The 80’s Vol. 1” and create everything else you hear me doing today.

Listen to “Free 2 Be Epic” below. Leave a comment here and let me know what you think.

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