Electric Maestro - "Out Of Nowhere"

New single on all of your favorite digital platforms today!

I was in the middle of working on another track when I pulled up the new SRX Electric Piano plug-in from Roland Cloud. I had just added it to my collection that day and wanted to hear how it compared to my other rhodes plug-ins.I was playing along with the track and just going through the patches. When I reached the patch your hear in this track, inspiration interrupted. I suddenly pressed stop and out of nowhere I started playing the keyboard line that forms the backbone of this track. It was like that patch was made for this song. I immediately opened a new project, dropped in about 4 minutes of 4-on-the-floor kick drum @ 120 bpm and started playing. A couple of hours later, I was done and "Out Of Nowhere" was finished. I came back later and added the intro and outro of the extended version. 

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