Come & Get It (1995 House Mix)

Once upon a time, back in 1994, me & my homie Lateef had the idea of doing a melodic, pop-style Miami bass track.  We were a little bit ahead of our time and didn't really nail the production on that track like we should have. I wrote the lyrics to "Come & Get It" while driving home from work one morning (I've written a lot of songs while in traffic). To this day, it is still one of the best melodies I've written and one of my favorites of everything I've done. 

In 1995, when we finally released it, we did have the good sense to do some pretty good remixes. And Bridgett, as she always did, came through with a wonderful vocal performance. This house mix was my contribution to the maxi-single originally released under the name Club Zero. This mix includes the raps from the original version (by me & Lateef) which sounded great in '95, but definitely make me LOL now. Enjoy!


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