My remix of B'Joi's "Waterfall"

After an extended layoff, I am firmly back into the music production game. I am still fairly new to working "in the box" on a DAW - yo, I'm old school. I needed to re-tune my studio skills and get proficient in the software (SONAR), so I asked BJ Jones to let me do a house remix to one of the songs from B'Joi's upcoming album.  He was kind enough to send me the a capella to "Waterfall". 

Doing this remix has been a beautiful struggle. Re-acquainting myself with the mixing & mastering process as well as learning to use all of the wonderful new tools I now have access to in SONAR. Not to mention, the creative process and all of the production decisions I had to make such as wiping the slate clean and doing the drums over from scratch or finishing the mixdown, moving into mastering and realizing that the kick drum I used wasn't working - back to the drawing board. Then came the mysterious computer glitches. I spent 3 days in the middle of mixdowns figuring out why SONAR kept crashing (a couple of plug-ins weren't getting along). 

Ultimately, it got done and I am pleased with the results. I hope you are too. Enjoy this and please, please, PLEASE..... Share!

Check it out on soundcloud or bandcamp (Download on Bandcamp)

Thanks for listening - Waynebo.

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