Goodies from Show #22

Here are some extra goodies from some of the artists featured in show #22 of The Afterglow.

We opened the show with a track from beat-master, Xperiment. Check out his soundcloud page to hear his latest tracks. Also, he and his label mates at Humble Beast Recordings have posted a lot of good music - indeed, quite a few albums - for FREE! You will find the album containing the track I played (Precipitation) as well as many others on the Humble Beast Downloads Page. These cats are all about serious artistry and lyricism.

After that, I played a track from Canadian singer/writer/emcee k-os. The track I played was from his 1st album, Exit, which dropped back in 2003. He has recorded plenty more good music since then. Checkout his website >HERE< And checkout a couple of his videos below: 


We also heard a tune from Monique Bingham. A beautiful singer/songwriter who is well known in house music circles. There are a couple of very good tracks that feature her on >This Album<. The videos below should make it clear why us house-heads have loved her for years.


In phase 3, we heard a track from violinist Chieko Kinbara, who has shown that the unlikely combination of house music and live strings is indeed a beautiful one. This live solo performance shows why her fan base is growing quickly. And btw, ain't that the sweetest violin you've ever seen!



Of course, don't forget to download and bump the DJ mix portion of show #22 (listen below)

  Afterglow Mix 22 by Waynebo

Thank you for checking this blog and for supporting The Afterglow.  Show #23 will be up around September 1st. I hope you will be listening.

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