Good music from show 47

Show 47 featured music from some great albums. Here are just a few. Please check the playlist and find these artists wherever you buy music.

 Fans of soul music will enjoy the debut album by Lydia Rene, "Vintage Heart".


We also got a great taste of the blend of soul, pop & rap that TJ Pompeo brings on his Mixed Bag Entertainment Debut "i'mperfect". This is a FREE DOWNLOAD that would be worth paying for. 

We also heard some of the unique style of beats produced by Potatohead People. Checkout their new album "Big Luxury". 


We heard several tracks from the Stussy x Soulection compilation. This is a collection of forward-thinking electronic beats that covers the cutting edge of future soul, hip-hop and R&B.

We also heard a few tracks from the INI Movement compilation "De Gulden Snede Vol. 3". Here's their description of the project: "In 2014, our preoccupation has been that of reinstalling the human touch into electronic music. With De Gulden Snede Vol. 3 as the outlet for doing so, we went about exploring the tension between organic and electronic elements in an attempt to find the right alignment, the golden ratio of contemporary music."  

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