Audio egg nog for the head-nod crowd...

For those of you who are tired of hearing the same old Christmas songs every year, I present 2 Christmas albums designed to get you to nod your head and turn up the bass instead of curling up with some hot cocoa. And both of them won't cost you much either.  First, from indie hip-hop label Illect Recordings, I presents to you "An Illect Recordings Christmas Recording" featuring some creative new takes on classics Christmas themes as well as some thumpin' original tunes. Turn up your speakers and enjoy!

Next, we have the latest Christmas compilation from The Low Budget Crew, "A Low Budget Christmas '11". I played a track from this one in Show #27 of The Afterglow. Featuring lots of creative sampling over grimy beats, This one will definitely get the true hip-hop heads in the Christmas spirit. Let it Knock, Let it knock, Let it knock!


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