The Afterglow - Show 59 (part 1) [Show Notes & Playlist]


Hello my friends! It has been a long time. After a year of Sunday night mixes on Waynebo’s Groove Sessions, we finally have a new Afterglow show. I’ve been sitting on a bunch of great music that didn’t quite fit into the Sunday night mix format so I’m very excited to bring this to you. There is so much that I decided to split the show into 2 parts. Plus, you will find the DJ Mix will be posted separately. 

I know this is a bit of a departure from our normal format. It’s 2022 and things in the podcast/dj mix space work differently than they did back in 2010 when The Afterglow started. I am still figuring out how to best deliver the show within modern algorithms and listening habits so please bear with me as I try to figure this out. Ok, on to the show…. 

Part 1 features a strong dose of modern soul from Moonchild feat. Rapsody, Sharon Phillips, Jes Norris, Felivand, B. Bravo & Allysha Joy. In this show, our dope lyricism is delivered in non hip-hop packages. We get dope features from Doc Brown with The Jazz Defenders, & Masego with Anomalie. And Magna Carda gets a feature from Demetruest. 

We also get new music from Mark de Clive-Lowe, Matt Wilde, Reel People/Sebb Junior/Smith. 

Thank you for listening. Enjoy, and look for part 2 very soon! 


1) Birocratic – Gargantuanio 

2) Moonchild – Love I Need (feat. Rapsody) 

3) Rob Hardt & Ferry Ultra feat. Sharon Phillips – If These Walls Could Speak 

4) Herb Alpert – Bittersweet Samba 

5)Anomalie – Hummingbird (feat. Bad Snacks) 

6) Matt Wilde – Inner Peace (feat. Natty Reeves) 

7) Mark de Clive-Lowe – Journeyman 

8) Jes Norris – Free 

9) Felivand – Butterfly Wings 

10) B. Bravo – Lifted (What U Waiting 4) 

11) Reel People x Sebb Junior x Smith – Holla If You See Me 

12) The Jazz Defenders – Perfectly Imperfect (feat. Doc Brown) 

13) Magna Carda – Sunday Morning feat. Demetruest, IAN & Juju Bae 

14) Anomalie – Memory Leaves (feat. Masego) 

15) Allysha Joy – Let It! 

16) Blue Lab Beats – Montara


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