Music I’m Feelin’: Tall Black Guy - “Airplane Mode”

In recent years, the beats genre has grown very popular - and very crowded. There are few producers who have managed to develop a signature sound that stands out in the crowd. Tall Black Guy is one of them. I first discovered him back in 2010 on his Tall Black Guy vs. Michael Jackson album (still available on Bandcamp and still dope!). Over the last decade he has continued to develop his signature soulful blend of hard-hitting drums blended with creative sampling and live instrumentation into a thing of beauty. 

His latest offering “Airplane Mode” finds him at the peak of his game. Not only is the production tight, the compositions are well executed and arranged. There is also top-notch mixing & mastering to put the polish on it. The whole album just sounds phenomenal. There are no “fillers” here, but my favorites are “It’s Gonna Be Trouble” & “Feeling Good Off Dat Life”. There are so many dope tracks on this album that I am sure your faves will be different. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know which ones you like. 

Listen to “Airplane Mode” in the Bandcamp player below. This album is also available on streaming services. However, I will always encourage you to support artists by buying their music on Bandcamp

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