Why Am I Doing The Afterglow?

About 2 months ago, I was listening to the SSRadio lounge and chill channel and I noticed that they appeared to have a shortage of programs on that channel compared to their other channels. Since I am a big fan of downtempo music and have a pretty large collection of tunes that fit the format,  I decided I would like to try to fill in that gap and applied for a time slot. I didn’t realize how much of a backlog of applications they had because as of today, my application is still being processed. I completed show #1 a few weeks ago and am very eager to get started so I’ve decided to just move forward and put the show out as my own podcast while I’m still excited about this.  I do still hope to secure a timeslot there because their built-in audience would be beneficial, but nevertheless, I must move forward with this.

            I’ve written previously in my journal on this site about the challenge of balancing music, family, ministry duties, etc., so it’s reasonable to ask why I would commit to something like this now.  There are a mixture of personal and business motives that I will summarize in 5 reasons:


1) This is a way to share my love of music and connect with people who have similar tastes. God willing, these connections will open opportunities to share The Gospel.  (see the Exodus Music Mission Statement)


2) It’s a means of connecting with the music industry and getting my name “out there”. This is a platform where I can also play my own original tracks. If the show is well-received, opportunities could open up.


3) It’s a good way to direct traffic to my website. The DJ mix from each show will be posted here for download as well as any new tracks I play on the show.


4) This is a way to focus and channel my insatiable appetite for music into something fruitful. Selfish arrogance prevented me from becoming a professional DJ years ago, this could be an opportunity to correct that.


5) This is an important step in training myself to recognize niches and opportunities and step into them instead of cowering and making excuses.


So now ya know. Listen to the player above or on the homepage or HERE and enjoy the show.

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