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WAYNEBO - On An Exodus 1995-2000 (the phatt traxx y'all never heard)

ON AN EXODUS 1995-2000 (the phatt traxx y'all never heard) - whole album



1995 to 2000 was a very important time in my life. It was a period of tremendous growth - mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. During this time I gained an understanding of my own fears and insecurities - and realized that they were the only thing holding me back. I have always considered myself a producer first and foremost, but I've come to realize that the Lord wants to use my voice as well as my hands in my music. In the midst of producing tracks for other artists, I completed songs of my own, but never really focused on doing anything with them. As I make the move from being "just a producer" to being an artist, I chose to reach back into this critical period of my life as a definitive statement in defeating the fears that prevented these songs from coming to you sooner. There are collaborations with friends old and new, but it all comes from my heart and expresses who I was and how I felt during that time.

I hope you enjoy it!!



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