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The King Midas Project - GOLDFINGER VOL. 1: 100% Pure Dance Music

Goldfinger Vol. 1: 100% Pure Dance Music

by The King Midas Project

Released 10/27/2008
Exodus Music
Released 10/27/2008
Exodus Music
House and dance jamz!
released October 27, 2008

Produced by Waynebo for Exodus Music

all instruments performed by Waynebo
tracks 2,3,4 vocals by Bridgett Grace
tracks 5,6 vocals by Waynebo

all jamz written by Waynebo
except "I Don't Want 2 Go" vocals written and arranged by Lateef

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Waynebo at The Exodus Lab: Inkster, MI
tracks 4,6,7 mastered by Mitch Cedarquist

All jamz published by Songs Of Exodus Music (BMI)
©2008 Exodus Music