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Electric Maestro - The Aftermath (Waynebo's Electric Dance Mix) - Digital Single

In The Aftermath of my father's death, I created a track in his memory.

This is my remix of that track.

The Aftermath (In Memory of Walter Stephens Sr.) - Digital Single

On November 8, 2018 I lost my father to pancreatic cancer. 5 days later I was moved to create a song in memory of him. He spent the last 20 years of his life sharing his passion for ballroom dancing with anyone who was willing to learn. I wanted to create something that he not only would have enjoyed, but would have danced to as well. 

Creating this song (and the tribute video that accompanied it) was a very emotional process for me. I hope you all can feel the love I poured into it.

2 Stankin' Minutes (The Prequel) - Digital EP

An EP of 3 distinctly different grooves – each roughly 2 minutes long - inspired by the funk & pop of the early 80’s. The perfect appetizer to get you ready for my forthcoming EP "A Child of The 80's Vol. 1".

Electric Maestro - Dance At The Bottom - digital single

An epic, funky mid-tempo jam!

Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Waynebo

Solitary Scientist - I Can't Get Enough - digital maxi-single

Note: The alternate mixes are only available on BANDCAMP.

The original mix is also on SOUNDCLOUD.

The streaming services will only have the "SS Pure Mix" which doesn't have the MJ sample.

A Hot, Melodic blend of Funk and Soulful House Music! 

I was at work one day and a friend was playing "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough" by MJ. For some reason, in that moment the breakdown near the end grabbed me and inspired me. I began with that loop and composed the entire song around it. Enjoy! 

The SS mixes are the same track without the sample (actually, I added some percussion).

The King Midas Project - The Brickyard - digital single

A cool tech-house vibe delivered in 3 movements.


Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Waynebo for Exodus Music. 

Electric Maestro - Dance Of The Supernatural (feat. KING) - Free Download



A downtempo/chilled house joint that features samples from "Supernatural" by KING


Electric Maestro - Trick or Treat (feat. Missy)



The first single from the Autumn Dreams EP.

The track features tasty vocal samples and stellar synth bass work over a funky 112bpm bounce.

Electric Maestro - Golden Leaves - FREE Download


The warm up to Autumn Dreams continues with a track that rides the sweet spot between House and Downtempo, yet still calls you to the dancefloor.

B'Joi - Waterfall Remixes - Free Download


Includes main remix & DJ-friendly edits

Waterfall (Niagra Dub) - FREE Download


Went a little deeper and harder on this one for a nice alternative to my other Waterfall remix.

Bob's River - single


The 1st single from "Goldfinger Vol. 2: the bonus traxx".

A driving, melodic house track that features samples of 3 songs by jazz legend Bob James. Includes an alternate dub edit and a beats mix.

King Midas - The Afterglow


Downtempo/Chillout Grooves. Released by Cosmic Playroom Records/Nite Drive Music Group

WAYNEBO - The Beat Collection Vol. 1: Traxx From Da Vault - free download


The beat tape. To a producer, it is the equivalent of a collection of manuscripts to an author or the private gallery to an artist.

This is my beat tape.  It represents over a decade of aural meanderings through hip-hop, R&B and electro-funk stretching well back into the 90’s. Enjoy!

THE KING MIDAS PROJECT - Goldfinger Vol. 1: 100% Pure Dance Music

A bangin' set of House & Dance jamz featuring the vocals of Bridgett Grace. CD includes bonus tracks unavailable for digital download.

TKMP - Broken Fingers - Free Single!


Inspired by the talents of cats like Mark de Clive-Lowe, Ezel, K. Sabroso, Tall Black Guy, Richard Earnshaw, Scrimshire and Ahmed Sirour (To name a few), I have produced my first Broken Beat track. Enjoy!

THE KING MIDAS PROJECT - Sonic Landscapes - Free Album Download



A funky set of Downtempo electronic beats & textures.  

THE CLYDE DEE CONCEPT - Tears Of Joy - free album download

Tears Of Joy CD cover 

A delicious blend of jazzy melodies, dance beats, and funk rhythms!! 

THE CLYDE DEE CONCEPT - Euphoria - Free Album Download

Euphoria CD cover - front

An explosion of jazz energy infused with urban & dance rhythms!!  The one-man-band breaks out of his shell and comes into a new realm.